Our Mission

Enriched Foods Miami is a non-profit organization created to eliminate food waste. One way of eliminating food from going to landfills is by utilizing it and enriching it's purpose to produce meals for our community of people experiencing homelessness in the city of Miami as well as the senior facilities.

Enriched Foods never charges it's client for services. Instead we depend on grants and donations from socially responsible individuals, groups, businesses and organizations within and beyond the local community.

We are embracing our community experiencing homelessness and loneliness through good food to create a moment of happiness.  There are many local organizations helping to join this journey to help feed others while simultaneously saving food from going to landfills.  By collaborating with other local organizations such as Food Rescue US, The Chapman House, Miami-Dade Homeless Trust, Whole Foods, Hard Rock Cafe and many more we are able to reduce waste and feed those who need it most.

Our Team